IC S*Kyllängen's Isolde

Black Tortie Smoke NFO fs
Born: 00 12 04 Pedigree

Mother of: Chevrolet litter 5, Pontiac litter 2 & AMC litter 1

HCM test

7 years & 2 months old

Isolde 5 years oldIsolde 5 years oldIsolde 4½ years old

Isolde 3½ years oldIsolde 2½ yeas old
Isolde & Lexus 11 September 2004

Isolde 2½ yeas old
Isolde 2½ yeas old

Isolde 2½ years old
Isolde 2½ years old

Isolde 1 yearIsolde 8½ months old

Isolde 10 weeksIsolde 4 weeks

Isolde is daughter to my Cheva. She and her brother was the last litter he got before he got neutered. I just felt that I had to have something after him. She is a very sweet little girl. She just loves her father. When she first got here, she saw him and ran to meet him. It was love at first sight! She is a really cosy girl. Thank you Anki and Göran for letting me buy her. I know it was hard for you.

Breeder: Anki Svantesson & Göran Öjersson

Owner: Owner: Lotta Anderälv

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