Lönnebergas AMC-litter

Born: 07 11 01    
S*Lönnebergas AMC Rebel 'Machine' Blue/white NFO a 09 Male
S*Lönnebergas AMC Matador 'X' Blue/white NFO a 09 Female
S*Lönnebergas AMC Gremlin 'X' Blue Tortie/white NFO g 09 Female

EC S*Zimexis Lexus Indigo Blue/white NFO a 09
IC S*Kyllängen's Isolde Black Tortie Smoke NFO fs

We still love our mum, even though we are 12 weeks old!

La familia! Dad, mum & the kittens at 1 month age

3 generations, the kittens are 3 weeks old

3 weeks old


For Sale! = The kitten is for sale
On hold! = Someone is interested of the kitten (the kitten is NOT booked)
Booked! = Someone has paid a deposit for the kitten
Sold! = The kitten has moved

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