EP/IC S*Lönnebergas Cheva

Blue/White      NFO a 09
Male/Neuter Born: 95 04 12 Pedigree Show Hcm-test

Father of: S*Lönnebergas -Chevroletlitter 2, -Chevroletlitter 3,  -Chevroletlitter 4,  - a-litter (with Camilla Höglund) and 

S*Kyllängen's first litter.

Cheva is exhausted after a night in the bar! He even drank all the beers as you can see!

Cheva 13 years & 5 months old

Cheva goes camping for the first time of his life!

Cheva and dad checks out the caravan!

Cheva 13 years & 4 months old

Our teenager!

Cheva 13 years old

Cheva 12 years old

Cheva 11,5 years old
Cheva 11,5 years oldCheva 11,5 years old
Cheva 11,5 years old

After 10½ years Cheva is finally

Here I am, 10½ years old, on the show at my big day with all the nice gifts!
And here I am at home
A big thanks to all of you who congratulated us on our BIG day!

If your name is Cheva and you are competing in the veteran class,
could you get a better number than V8?!?!?!?!?

Cheva 10½ years old
Cheva 10½ years oldCheva 10½ years old
Cheva 10½ years oldI'm tired of the camera now!!!

Are we done soon?!?!


Cheva 10 years oldCheva 10 years old
© Lotta Björklund
Cheva 10 years old

Cheva and his daughter ChevyCheva and Boss

Cheva and BossCheva when he got his Champion-title

Cheva and a whole lot of babiesCheva and his sister Chevelle

Cheva and his brother Malibu

"Lilleman" is the cat I really wasn't supposed to have. I always said that I don't want to have a male. It's just a whole lot of job with them. But when he was 3 weeks old he started to scream as soon as I left the room, what more can I say? I really tried to fight it. But I couldn't resist at the end. If his sisters or his brother lied in my lap, he just lied on the top of them. When I my met my boyfriend, Lilleman lay between us in bed. If Patrik tried to lay his arm around me, Lilleman bit him. But nowadays everything works out fine. I think Lilleman has realized that Patrik wont take me away from him. Lileman just loves babies to. He wants to be with my females when they are giving birth. He takes care of the kittens until they move. And do I need to say it? He is a very special cat to me.

Owner: Lotta Anderälv

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