EC S*Zimexis Lexus Indigo

Blue/White      NFO a 09
Male Born: 03 04 27 Pedigree Show Hcm-test

Father of: Pontiac litter 2
& AMC litter 1

Lexus GS 430 - Click on the photo to see more cars!

Lexus 3,5 years old on our visit in Denmark
Lexus 3,5 years old in DenmarkLexus 3,5 years old in Denmark

Lexus 3,5 years old at home

Lexus 3,5 years old at home

Lexus & his grand daugther Caballero

Lexus 2 years 9 months
Lexus 2 year 7½ monthLexus 2 year 4 months

S*Zimexis Lexus Indigo is now

EC S*Zimexis Lexus Indigo
EC S*Zimexis Lexus Indigo with all his gifts
We would like to thank all of you that congratulated us on our big day!!!!

Two proud and happy breeders - Daniella & Helle AllardA proud owner, Lotta, and a proud breeder, Helle.
And here are the proud and happy breeders and the owner!
I would like to say a special thanks to Helle & Daniella, S*Zimexis, for their big
generosity and for always being there for us whenever we need them.
You are the BEST!!!!

EC S*Zimexis Lexus IndigoEC S*Zimexis Lexus Indigo and his gifts at the show
EC S*Zimexis Lexus Indigo at the show with all his gifts.

And here is what we looked like and did during the panel.

Lexus 2 years oldLexus 2 years old

Lexus 1½ years oldLexus 1½ years old. Thanks Greta for the photo!

Lexus 1 year 4½ months old
Isolde & Lexus 11 September 2004

Lexus 9 months
© Albert Kurkowski

I think they are in love!

Lexus7½ months old

Lexus 7 months

Lexus 5½ months

Lexus 16 weeksLexus 15 weeks

Lexus 13½ weeksLexus 12 weeks

Lexus 10 weeksLexus 5½ weeks

Lexus 5 weeksLexus 2 weeks

Well, I suppose that you have already figured out that I wasn't supposed to have this cat either. But how could I resist Lexus?! By watching Helle and Daniella's home page I watched him grow up. And since I wasn't supposed to have another cat it couldn't harm to just look at him, could it? Yes it could!! I visited Zimexis cattery one day in the middle of August and then we were sold, both me and him! And it doesn't hurt that he already had a car name - Lexus. Ok, it's not a american car, but you can't have it all.:-) I think and I hope that he will fit my nfc females very well. Thanks Helle and Daniella for letting me have him!

Breeder: Helle & Daniella Allard, S*Zimexis Norwegian Forest Cats
Owner: Lotta Anderälv

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