S*Aristo Limaz Zindy M.A

Black Tortie Smoke/White            NFO fs 09 
Born: 97 02 08 Pedigree

Father: EC S*Silvermossens Azlan
Mother: GIC S*Znorkan's Montana


Zindy lived with us until she was about three years old. Tuva, another one of my NFCs, had to move to a friend of mine because she was so afraid of Zindy. And Zindy was really mean to her so she had all the reasons to be afraid of her. Had I known then what I know now, of course Zindy would have been the cat that had to leave us and not Tuva. But things were as they were. As time went by Zindy got very mean to all of our other cats so at the end she had to move to. Now she lives with a friend of mine and she is really having the days of her life! And she was/is a very nice and cuddly cat.
She just don't get along with other cats. Sometimes it happens things like this. And if it happens, you have to think about your cats. If I would have thought of myself and my own feelings, all cats would have stay with me until they passed away. But you have to put the cat first. We also have to keep in mind that cats are a gregarious animal. It's not in their nature to live close with other cats. Sometimes they are forced to do it. Out in the wild because the lack of food or other reasons. And sometimes by us. And most of the times it works out fine. But sometimes it doesn't. And if it doesn't work out fine - try to put your own feelings aside and put the cats feelings first. Even if it will hurt you. Because it hurts. I know that, unfortunately....

Breeder: Ingrid Leiswall

Owner: Stefan Ahlgren, SWEDEN