About Us

The people behind S*Lönnebergas is me, Lotta I live in the country with my boyfriend in Skurup, about 50 kilometres from Malmoe.

I got my first cat when I moved out of my parents house in 1990. It was a black tortie mackerel tabby/white domestic cat. In 1991 I got my first Norwegian Forest Cat. In 1993 I had my first NFC litter between EC S*Tynäsudden's Felix Brown DM & IDP*Bobadillas Cleopatra, but there were only one kitten in the and he only survived one week. I have had a few "domestic cat litters" before that (I know you shouldn't do that!). But in 1995 I got my first (second) NFC litter. I got my first Turkish Angora litter in 2000.


Now we have 3 Norwegian Forest Cats- 2 neutered females, 1 neutered male and 1 Turkish Angora neutered female.

Beside the cats we have another big interest in our lives - old american cars. It's "because" of this interest I have named all the kittens by old american cars. We have a Cadillac Sedan DeVille 1959. In the summertime we attend several car meetings. Every year we visit the Power Big Meet in Västerås. It's the biggest car meet in Europe. Last year it was over 15.000 cars in Västerås! So there is a big interest for these old, big, beautiful cars! So in the summertime we attend car meets and in the winter time there are time for cat shows!